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gb facebook
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GB Facebook is a modified version of popular social media that offers you the unique and best features and it is the latest version of the original application. the application brings unique features for its users such as different types of new themes, fonts, and color customization for their users. this application is free the GB Facebook is made for Android and iOS both mobile phones you can download it. you will able to connect with people of the world and talk to them and make new friends. all you need to have is a good internet connection for the app.

if you are very internet in this mobile application download the apk and get the unique features of the app.  Get popularity in the app which other websites or apps will not give to you. and GB Facebook has the best features on it which is original Facebook not the feature of the GB Facebook.

GB Facebook

What is GB Facebook?

The GB Facebook is the latest or a modified version of the original app. Gb Facebook contains unique features that the original Facebook does have not. the apk contains different types of themes, fonts, and unique colors for the users. the application is fully secure use this app is also made by Facebook so the security is fully secure and you can use the GB Facebook with a relaxed mind. the best feature of this app is you can download the video directly into your mobile phone.

you do not need to download a third-party app to download a video from GB Facebook you can download the video directly onto your mobile phone.  There are 2 themes available for you one is black and the other is pink when you enable the black theme your eyes will be safe from the rays. if you choose pink your GB Facebook interface will be pink and different.

Features of the app

Here are some unique features of the app which you can get from the app.

  1. New themes
  2. styles fonts
  3. colors customization
  4. security
  5. customer support
  6. Block ads
  7. Watch and download videos in 480p, 720p
  8. Directly download the video option
  9. Black white and pink colour themes were their.

Privacy and Security

This application has advanced privacy and security features. when you use the modified version of Facebook you can use the app with peace and with a relaxed mind. the application secures your account and personal data from others such as hackers and other people. You can use the app and enjoy the unique features of this application. you can not get these features in the original Facebook so download the modified version and be secure and safe.


GB Facebook vs. Facebook

A notable difference between these two applications is that GB Facebook gives more features than the original ones this version gives themes like black, pink, and white, fonts you can customize colors also you can change the privacy settings on your own. the original ones do not give this type of option and features for their users.use the modified version of Facebook and enjoy your day with it

customer support

if you are facing any problem while using the app you can contact the support team which is available for you 24/7 hours you can talk to active online communities that solve your problem in just a little time and you will able to use the app again.

How to make an account?

making an account in this app is very easy and simple. if you have already an account in this app you have to just log into your account.  If you are a new user of this application you have to first make an account in this application you have to put your mobile number or email to make an account the process is similar to the original app after you make an account the user interface is the same as a facebook interface. the best part of the app is that you can off the ads on this application you can also make a business account for your business and popular in this application. the application is more popular than the original one. your business will grow in just a few days.

How to Download the App

Downloading this app into your mobile phone is very simple. this application is available on our plate you can visit our website and download the app for free of cost and enjoy the features of this application.  There are some steps to follow and download the app to your smartphone the steps are the same for Android and iOS users follow the steps given below and download the application.

  1. First, you have to click on the download button which is shown on your screen.
  2. After you click on the download button the app will start to download.
  3. When the app is downloaded you have to install the application
  4. The app will take some permission
  5. You have to allow all the permissions for the app
  6. After you allow all permission the app is ready to use
  7. you have to make an account and enjoy the features of the application


Q1)The application is safe to use or not?

yes, the app is safe and secure to use and make an account.

Q2) Is the app free to download?

the application is free to download and use you can also download it for free of cost

Q3)is the application better than the original app?

yes, the application is better than the original one this application brings unique features to it.


this is a modified version of the original Facebook apk.  This app offers the best and most unique features to its users you can get unique themes and colors in this app you can also customize privacy settings and the app is secure for use you can download the app and enjoy the features of the I suggest you download the app. You can now download the reel of Facebook from this APK and you can take the enjoyment from the videos. This APK is free of cost for Android users to download.

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