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This injector give you droneview in the game download the injector
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v 15
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Hello friend and fan we are here with the latest version of app New BoxSkin apk this application is full of unique features and you can enjoy your game with these features. if you are a fan of the mobile legend Bang Bang game and you are looking for this type of application for your game you are in the right place. This new BoxSkin is for the MLBB game which turns your game to the next level stay with us and Now about the usage of the application.

As you know MLBB is a MOBA game that is played all over the world pass days the game is difficult for new join players because they can not play the game and pro players kill them so the app developer made the New BoxSkin application for the new join users the new users can not wast their single money on this injector the injector give them such type of unique features in the game like drone view, unlocked skins, and much more for free in ML. You can get this type of free application on our webpage follow itsapkgru and get this type of injector for your game.

new boxskin 2023

What is the New BoxSkin Apk?

The New BoxSkin is the injector for the MLBB player they can download this injector to unlock the golden features in their game. if you want to experience the perium features of the game download this injector for your game which can unlock drone view, unlocked skins, and much more for free in ML and more. this injector is fully free to download and install. Android users can only download this injector and use it. Don’t waste your time just download the application and experience the cool features of the injector. the injector can save your game account from anti-ban.

Features of the injector

The injector comes with unique features on it we will describe some of the popular features which you can use in the game.

Skin: The injector can unlock the all menu skins for you and it has the all MLBB skins like fight skins,maskman, and more you can get all these skins for free cost. You can also upgrade these skins in your game just like in a real MLBB app. Just you have to do that use the injector and get the all skins in the game to be a pro of MLBB.

Support Android: The injector supports Android 5+ you need this Android support to use this injector in your game if you do have not this support Android system you can not use this application on your mobile.

Bug: The best feature about the New boxskin is that the injector is free of Bugs you can not find Bugs in the application and this injector will affect your mobile phone you can use this application free of Bugs.

Interface: the interface of the application is similar to the other injectors and user-friendly interface the new or experienced player easily use this application and connect to the injector.

Updates: The developers bring regular updates in their injector in every update they reduce the bugs that are found in the applications and add some more unique features so you can get a better experience than the old version which is New Boxskin 2022 and the 2023 version so you can get more unique features and interesting updates in this injector.

Drone View: The drone view is also available in the injector you can use this feature in the MLBB game to zoom in or zoom out you can use this option you can zoom out from 2x to 5x and there is a tablet view for the users.

More features of the app

  • Does not support Android 11
  • Free to Download
  • Support android 5
  • Bug-free
  • No registration
  • simple and easy
  • All skins for free
  • and more

How to Download

The New players of the MLBB faced problems at the start they could not afford the premium features of the MLBB game so they searched for the injector to unlock such type of features.  They also faced issues in the downloading process we are here to help you and easy to download the New box skin injector for your game. this is the latest version. you have to follow all the steps to download the application the steps are very important and you should follow the steps and download the injector into your mobile phone.

  • Go to our webpage there is a green download button.
  • Click on the download button.
  • The application will start to download.
  • The process may take some time to download.
  • After a few times, the app will download to your mobile.
  • Then you have to install the application on your device.
  • The app will want some permission during download.
  • Allow all the permission for the app.
  • Then the app will install on your mobile phone.
  • Now you can launch the app and connect with the injector to unlock the features of the game.

FAQ about the injector

Q1) Is the New boxskin injector free to use?

Yes, the application is free to download and the features of the app are also free for you. if you want these items download the app and get all of them for free.

Q2) Can we use a New boxskin injector in iOS devices?

Currently, this injector is only for Android users they can download this app and use it on their mobile phone the injector supports Android 5+.

Q3) Is the injector secure to use?

this injector is safe and secure to use you can use this application with Relax in mind.


The new Boxskin injector is the latest version of the MLBB game you can unlock drone views, skins, and more in the game. you can also download this injector for free of cost don’t waste your time downloading the injector today and enjoy your game to the next level.

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